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(August 2016) CMS Releases the News: Independence at Home Improves Care and Lowers Cost in Second Year Performance Results

Home Care Medicine and IAH In the News

(June 2019) AAHCM Applauds Results of Year 4 Medicare Independence at Home (IAH) Demonstration

(May 2017) Academy Applauds Senate Finance's Extension, Expansion of Independence at Home Demonstration & Support for Nationwide Expansion

(October 2016) Bill Extending Home-based Chronic Care Project Wins AAFP Support

(September 2016) Reviving House Calls by Doctors

(September 2016) The Doctor Is In. In Your House, That Is.

(September 2016) Home-Based Care Programs: New Funding Available to Reduce Disabilities and Promote Aging in Place

(August 2016) Housecall Providers Continues to Save Medicare Money

(August 2016) House Calls from Doctors Might Save Medicaid Money for States

(July 2016) Senators Markey, Cornyn, Bennet, and Portman Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Make Innovative Home-based Primary care Medicare Program Permanent 

(July 2016) American Academy of Home Care Medicine Applauds Introduction of the Independence at Home Act

(February 2016) Personalized Medicine Meets Technology in Home-Based Care Programs

The Nation's Most Chronically Ill Medicare Beneficiaries Are One Step Closer to Receiving their Primary Medical Care at Home Covered through Medicare - December 18, 2015

Doctors prescribe old-fashioned house calls when treating the old and frail - December 6, 2015

Home Care Medicine Evidence

(October 2014) Better Access, Quality, and Cost for Clinically Complex Veterans with Home-Based Primary Care