AAHCM committees comprise a large part of our governance structure, reviewing and carrying out individual charges as assigned by the board of directors. Committee charges are an extension of the strategic plan, budget, and organizational policies. Additional tasks may be assigned by the board if deemed appropriate. The board of directors has final authority over any project requiring the expenditure of funds not previously approved in the annual budget. Committees include:


Public Policy Steering Committee
Tom Cornwell
Eric De Jonge
Linda DeCherrie, Co-Chair
Bruce Kinosian
Tom Lally, Co-Chair
Norm Vinn


Program Planning Committee
Rebecca Conant, Co-Chair
Kosta Deligiannidis
Megan Graeser, Co-Chair
Nancy Hurlock
Victoria Kopke
Tom Lally
Ina Li
Sara McBride
Elizabeth McCormick
Maria Mendoza De la Garza
Marina Nellius

Awards Committee
Kosta Deligiannidis, Chair
Pamela Eaton
Tom Lally
Sarah Paez
Barb Sutton

Education Committee
Marc Arenas
Melissa Dattalo
Namirah Jamshed
Robert Jayes
Victoria Kopke
Anita Major
Sara McBride
Rachel Miller, Chair
Melissa Morgan-Gouveia
Marina Nellius
Mariah Robertson
Maura Singh
Katherine Wang
Rachel Zimmer

Membership Committee
Darlene Davis
Courtney Gordon
Aristotle Kornaras
Marina Nellius
Mariah Robertson
Pippa Shulman, Chair
Theresa Soriano

Editorial Committee
Kathy Lawson
June Leland, Chair
Jill Schwartz-Chevlin
Jenni Skorupa
Rachel Zimmer

Nominating Committee
Sophia Chang
Eric De Jonge
Tom Edes
Johanna Gaskins
Bruce Leff
Pippa Shulman, Chair



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