2023 AAHCM Pre-conference Sessions

Thursday, October 12, 2023


Value-Based Care for Frail Seniors

Presented by: Karen Abrashkin, MD; Christopher Stark; Katrina Booth; Christopher Dennis, MD, MBA, FAPA; Anthony Zizza, MD; Erich Jones; Calvin Tsao, MD; Nadya Zawaideh, Optum Health

8am - 12pm

This four-hour preconference will help learners understand how to take a population health approach to improving patient outcomes that ultimately can lead to financial success in value-based payment environments. The session will touch upon patient selection, risk stratification, visit cadence, field team makeup, centralized shared services, care modalities and clinical services. The session will also touch on the varying importance of quality, documentation and medical expense reduction depending upon contract type.


AAHCM Educator's Pre-Conference Workshop 

Presented by: Rachel K. Miller, MD, MSEd; Melissa Morgan-Gouveia, MD; Mariah Robertson, MD, MPH; Katie Wang, MD; Rachel Zimmer, RN, DNP

8am - 12pm

Please join us for a half-day AAHCM Home Care Medicine Educator’s pre-conference on Thursday, October 12, 2023. The pre-conference will include interactive workshops focused on interprofessional teaching strategies to teach equitable, patient-centered, and Age-Friendly care in the home. We will share curricula and resources, as well as strategies for engaging your entire interprofessional team in teaching. Whether you are an experienced educator or just getting started in Home Care Medicine teaching, this is an exciting opportunity to come together and share experiences, improve your teaching skills, and learn with your fellow educators in Home Care Medicine!. 



Leadership Training

Presented by: Northwell Health

1pm - 5pm

This workshop will cover key topics surrounding leadership in today’s healthcare workforce. When building high performance teams, great leaders are considering the layers that affect group success. Healthcare professionals often excel when managing time, but not necessarily when it comes to managing energy. How are you considering burnout potential in the breakdown of responsibilities on your team? Alternatively, what builds your staff up? How do we factor in different individual motivations when working toward the common goal of serving our patients? In matrix, interdisciplinary teams, we must find strength in both our differences and similarities. As a leader, you want to consider challenges and strategies in the context of implicit bias, always keeping diversity, equity and inclusion at the forefront.

Speakers Dr. Zenobia Brown, Teri Manno, and Judith Heller will engage participants in group discussions and break out conversations about the happenings in their current work environments. Attendees will have the opportunity to workshop practical approaches to team challenges and explore new strategies.

By attending this workshop, you will challenge the assumptions you have about leadership, explore new strategies for management and supervision, and build confidence in your own authority.


Don't Sit On It! The Do's and Don'ts of Diagnosing, Debriding, Dressing and Offloading Pressure Injuries

Presented by: Yasmin Meah, MD, CWSP, Mount Sinai Visiting Doctors Program/ ISMMS

1pm - 5pm

Pressure injuries are among the most expensive conditions to treat in the home. Home-based providers often lack specific training to care for them. In this session, an expert in palliative wound care will engage in a case-based discussion of how to move beyond classifying pressure injuries to grasping and executing multi-faceted preventative and therapeutic approaches. Participants will learn a framework of thinking that can guide decisions about durable medical equipment, dressings, debridement, antibiotics and when to involve other disciplines. They will also learn hands-on techniques to discern and debride nonviable tissue, prepare the wound bed for proper dressing, choose dressings matched to tissue characteristics, and define when and how to prepare the wound bed for negative pressure wound therapy.