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Acclivity Health Solutions Spotlight

Acclivity Health Logo

Acclivity Health Solutions is a trusted healthcare technology company with a mission to improve access to appropriate health care for patients with advanced illnesses. Our platform is designed to securely connect all members of a care community — physician practices, ACOs, hospice and palliative care organizations, payers, and caregivers — and facilitate effective care collaboration that results in the right care in the right place at the right time. By delivering appropriate and timely services to their shared patient population, multidisciplinary care teams are able to meet value-based care program requirements. Today, we serve healthcare organizations in over 40 states enabling care management for 3.5 million patients. We have helped to prepare hospice and primary care organizations in 24 of 26 regions succeed in the Primary Care First and the Seriously Ill Population program. For more information, please visit www.acclivityhealth.com or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Acclivity Health was founded on the notion that care providers, patients, and their families deserve to be valued participants in the care delivery model. The Acclivity platform uses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the decision making process. It analyzes patient populations based on health history, demographics, and behavioral indicators and can predict (with 95% accuracy) prognoses for patients with advanced illness, who could benefit from home care medicine. As a strategic partner with AAHPM, Acclivity supports AAHPM member providers as an educator and advisor, demonstrating how our platform can help them avoid costly and unnecessary interventions and deliver comprehensive, high-quality, person- and family-centered medical care at home. In addition to improving quality of care, Acclivity helps member providers achieve shared savings and bonuses associated with value-based arrangements and payer contracts.

What is something people may not know about our company?

Acclivity is unique in our ability to identify patients who would benefit most from home care medicine and then support patients and their caregivers with technology they can use themselves to stay connected with their care community. Our proprietary technology combines multiple indexes, including the Palliative Performance Score Estimate (PPSe), Mortality Risk Score, Hospice and Palliative Eligibility Indicator, and Utilization Predictions for the greatest accuracy possible. But Acclivity is not just a technology company. We have served as an advisor to help more than 1,000 providers get into value-based contract agreements across numerous contract vehicles. This includes CMS, Commercial, ACO and Medicare Advantage lines of business.

Advanced Providers' Insurance Spotlight

Advanced Providers' Insurance Logo

​With over 20 years of experience in underwriting home based primary care practices, API is uniquely qualified to provide the following benefits:
  • Competitive rates that are typically 65-70% of market value for similar office based practices resulting in a 30-35% reduction in premium per member
  • API employs a compliance consultant that guides their policyholders through a range of clinical oversight compliance guidelines that apply to the supervision by physicians of PA’s and NP’s, on a state by state basis
  • API is the only carrier in the US whose sole focus is providing coverage

Aledade Spotlight

Aledade logo

Aledade partners with independent practices, health centers, and clinics to build and lead Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) anchored in primary care. Through these ACOs, Aledade empowers physicians to stay independent and thrive financially by keeping people healthy. In true alignment with more than 7,300 participating providers in 27 states, Aledade shares in the risk and reward across over 69 value-based government and commercial contracts representing more than 790,000 lives under management. To learn more, visit www.aledade.com or follow on Twitter or Facebook.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Aledade is the nation's leading ACO enablement company for independent practices. Aledade and AACHM have formed a strategic partnership that will aid AAHCM members in achieving financial and clinical success in ACOs and Value-Based Care contracts across payers. Aledade is aligned with the mission, values and aim of AAHCM and supports Home Care Medicine providers in their promise to deliver interdisciplinary, high value care to home care patients while remaining independent and sustainable for years to come. Aledade provides an on-the-ground support suite of professionals, technology and tools that deliver actionable intelligence that better address the needs of their patients, and a winning model for home care medicine providers to be financially successful in our Medicare Shared Savings Program.

What is something people may not know about your company?

Aledade is more than just an ACO company, during this on-going COVID pandemic, Aledade used $1.6 million of its own budget to purchase and distribute badly needed PPE to its partner practices around the country such as N-95 Masks, gloves, gowns and hand sanitizer. Aledade also helped many of our partner practices complete Paycheck Protection Plan loan paperwork which helped practices receive more than $10 million in much needed payroll assistance. Aledade remains committed to doing all that it can to help our partner practices in every way remain independent and financially healthy.

Canton & Company Spotlight

canton and company logo

Canton & Company is a growth and innovation services firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. Guided by a dual commitment to accelerating the industry transition to a market-based health economy and creating sustainable success for its clients, Canton & Company inspires change through innovation, with particular emphasis on consumer-centric, smart health markets. We do this by fast-tracking client growth through a diversified suite of offerings that includes strategy, go-to-market, and performance services, along with innovation and venture solutions, using our powerful network of industry change-makers to connect clients with the right tools, partners, talent, and capital for sustainable success.

Capstone Spotlight

capstone logo

Capstone, a CareVention HealthCare company, provides Medicare risk adjustment services to ensure compliance and optimize revenue for value-based care organizations. We offer customized services including online and in-person training, extensive data analysis, ongoing auditing of documentation, concurrent coding, and Medicare Part D consultation services. For more information visit our website , follow us on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn , call 844-683-5302 or email us.

How is your company advancing the home care industry?

Capstone continues to help clinicians stay ahead of the curve by offering an on-demand training product called Clinical Documentation Excellence (CDE) Online Education. CDE, authored by Capstone physicians who provide care in value-based settings, is accessible 24/7, offers over 10 hours of engaging content, and provides training in clinical documentation for compliance and revenue optimization. The series helps develop skills in both detecting and specifically documenting conditions for more accurate coding. CDE is a perfect fit for physicians, physician assistants, mid-level practitioners, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, medical director, and clinical leadership. We are proud to offer a 5% discount to AAHCM Members. Click here to learn more about CDE or contact us today for a demo!

What is something people may not know about your company?

Capstone has offered risk adjustment services to value-based care organizations since 2005. Capstone is a division of CareVention HealthCare, which partners with value-based healthcare organizations, including Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Managed Long-term Care (MLTC), and more. We offer industry-proven solutions that enhance humanistic, clinical and economic outcomes for organizations and their participants. Our comprehensive services and integrated technology solutions assure your organization’s participant health and safety, optimized financial management, and regulatory compliance.

CareNational Spotlight

CareNational logo

CareNational Healthcare Services is a talent search organization dedicated to finding the highest quality health care providers to support hiring needs for home care medicine organizations as well as for managed care, health insurance organizations, and third-party medical management.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Our tagline: “Better People, Better Healthcare” isn’t just a tagline. We firmly believe in each placement we make within the healthcare industry. One placement can have an impact on 100s of different lives in the community throughout the year. With us working coast to coast across the nation, the spread of lives helped by our placements is helping countless individuals get healthy and remain healthy!

What is something people may not know about your company?

We call our recruiters “search consultants” because that is exactly what they are: job search consultants. They help candidates understand the application and interview process, so the candidates have the opportunity to put their best foot forward at each step along the way. Our Search Consultants will review resumes, prep for interviews and talk them through the negotiation process with their new home. On the flip side, our account managers are also “Search Consultants” because their responsibility is to put the client first and foremost, so any market news or feedback should be shared with the client so they can make the appropriate decision based on all of the factors, not just internal factors within the organization. We believe this consultant approach has helped and will continue to help with all of our placements, now and into the future!

Cosán Group LLC Spotlight

Cosan Group logo

Cosán Group LLC, established in 2015, is an industry-leading healthcare organization creating new pathways to modern aging with technology-driven preventative care services, offering concierge home care for older adults. Early market exposure in the delivery of technology and services to support the Chronic Care Management (CCM) program, and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) programs with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has propelled Cosán to deliver a practice and patient-centric approach to remote care coordination.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Cosán provides physicians an extensive reach and lens into the home environment of the older adult patient between the gaps of care. Our Concierge Care services, innovative charting systems, enhanced therapy models, along with advanced AI technologies improve outcomes, increases patient engagement and maintains alignment with quality initiatives between office and telehealth visits. These strategic platforms function to support the future of home healthcare and the challenges presented by today’s COVID pandemic.

What is something people may not know about your company?

Cosán Group LLC was founded by a cross-functional group of professionals who’s work across the healthcare continuum has converged with similar - out of the box concepts, at a unique inflection point in the delivery of premium care to the older adult. The culture and vision for our organization centers around value creation.

Curation Health Spotlight

curation health logo

Curation Health helps providers and health plans navigate and scale from fee-for-service to value-based care. Our advanced clinical decision support platform for value-based care drives more accurate risk adjustment and quality program performance by curating and delivering relevant, real-time insights to the clinician and care team. For more information, visit www.curationhealthcare.com.

How is your company advancing the home healthcare industry?

Curation Health helps providers to more accurately, efficiently, and securely address care gaps by enabling a prospective approach to enhance clinical documentation accuracy and specificity, and improve performance on key quality and patient experience measures in any care setting.

Guidance delivered through our platform is powered by an analytics and workflow engine that:

  • Contains more than 750 clinical rules — as well as administrative rulesets, natural language processing tools, and artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Transforms structured and unstructured data from multiple sources into accurate, actionable insights.
  • Empowers prospective patient data curation and delivers clinical insights inside of EMR

Our analytics and decision support are quality program-agnostic and can be customized to enable a uniform provider workflow across virtually any combination of risk contracts and quality programs.

We support performance improvement in:

  • Medicare Advantage plans
  • MSSP programs
  • Exchange plans
  • Commercial risk plans
  • Medicaid risk programs
  • Direct Contracting Entities
  • Quality initiatives based on Stars and measures

What is something people may not know about your company?

Our platform has the ability to:

  • Enhance medical documentation and clinical coding accuracy to support a growing risk portfolio
  • Drive provider adoption in VBC programs
  • Improve care quality and financial performance
  • CURATE actionable risk adjustment insights before a visit
  • CAPTURE accurate clinical documentation at the point of care
  • CONFIRM provider documentation after a visit


Direct Access Spotlight

direct access logo

Direct Access is a healthcare provider focused on providing mental health and care management support to patients at home and in facilities. Our team of social workers, nurses, and medical assistants provide comprehensive programing for patients at home and to those transitioning to and from facilities. Direct Access works with physicians and nurse practitioners to support their patients in between visits leading to enhanced patient care, improved clinical outcomes, and increased revenue for practices.

How is your company advancing the home healthcare industry?

Direct Access is advancing the home healthcare industry by providing a “mental health” first approach to care management at home. Our mental health first approach allows us to address a patient’s social determinants of health with the goal of reducing or eliminating ALL barriers to care. This approach improves outcomes, increases patient satisfaction, and lowers cost of care.

What is something people may not know about your company?

Direct Access provides mental health support to patients, family members and caregivers in the home environment either in-person, by phone, or through telehealth. Our clinical team is trained to support patients struggling with things like depression, anxiety, grief, loneliness, and addiction. Mental health and addiction support is a great way to enhance care and improve patient outcomes.

Hillrom Spotlight

hillrom logo

Since 1915, Hillrom has become a global leader in medical technology, inspired by one mission: Every day, around the world, we enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers. Hillrom is driven by patient-centered care. Everything we do, and all our products and technologies, are designed to enhance outcomes for patients and caregivers. Hillrom’s innovations help enable earlier diagnosis and treatment, optimize surgical efficiency, and accelerate patient recovery while simplifying clinical communication and shifting care closer to home.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Now more than ever, the home health care industry is experiencing rapid growth. The Welch Allyn® RetinaVue® care delivery model from Hillrom has enhanced the home health care industry by increasing not only the capabilities of home health providers, but it also improves the quality of care for home-bound patients. Our portable easy-to-use Welch Allyn® RetinaVue® 700 Imager, part of the RetinaVue care delivery model, helps protect the vision of patients living with diabetes while improving risk-adjustment and quality ratings for our customers.

What is something people may not know about your company?

In 1915, Dr. Francis A. Welch and William Noah Allyn invented the first hand-held, direct illuminating ophthalmoscope to help physicians observe the retina – the only place where blood vessels are visible without cutting into the body. And today, more than one hundred years later, Hillrom is still delivering innovative solutions to help preserve vision such as the Welch Allyn® RetinaVue® 700 Imager – the world’s most advanced hand-held retinal camera.

IncreMedical Spotlight

IncreMedical logo

IncreMedical is a health care management and technology company serving health systems, ACO’s, payers and post-acute providers. Our innovative advisory and technology solutions help our customers reduce avoidable costs and improve care outcomes for patients with chronic conditions. Our proprietary software Synchrony Coordinator® is a robust care management platform featuring; comprehensive case management, telehealth, remote patient monitoring, care coordination, patient engagement, predictive analytics tools and outcomes data and reporting capabilities. Synchrony Coordinator interfaces with our WatchWell® mobile patient application enabling cost effective continuing home care support. WatchWell incorporates automated features that promote patient, caregiver and provider engagement which optimizes patient self-care in home care settings. Visit www.IncreMedical.com for more information.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

IncreMedical is committed to assisting our customer to optimize the clinical and financial outcomes of their population health and value-based care initiatives. Working with our clients, we have achieved impressive results by implementing strategies that employ evidence-based care solutions. These solutions improve care processes and promote effective patient engagement resulting in a reduction in hospitalizations, lower overall cost of care and improved patient satisfaction. IncreMedical has partnered with DME providers, health systems and payers to implement our comprehensive COPD care management program. This program continues to produce significant reductions in COPD specific and all – cause hospitalizations lowering costs and outcomes for this high risk patient population.

What is something people may not know about your company?

IncreMedical has developed the first respiratory EMR for home care use. IncreMedical provides post-acute network administration services to thousands of post-acute and home care providers nationally. IncreMedical is working with the NFL to develop an athletic care management mobile application to advance athletic injury prevention, safety and research.

Landmark Health Spotlight

landmark health logo

Landmark Health is a national leader in home-based medical care. We bring doctors, advanced practitioners and care team members into the homes of the most clinically complex and frail patients – and respond 24/7. Our clinical model blends interdisciplinary provider expertise, proprietary technology and advanced analytics to help seniors age in place. Most critically, Landmark is bending the cost curve in health care by reducing avoidable admissions, while extending the lives of patients.

How is your company advancing the home healthcare industry?

Landmark is a leader in risk-based, in-home medical care. We have completed nearly 1 million house calls and deliver care to patients in 17 states and 51 communities. Currently, Landmark bears risk over more than 140,000 lives through partnerships with health plans, health systems and risk-based provider groups. As a longitudinal care provider, we focus on driving meaningful outcomes that reduce hospital and SNF admissions, reduce Medical Loss Ratio, reduce mortality and improve patient satisfaction with Landmark and the health plan. We see home as a necessary, and often preferred, clinical site of care.

What is something people may not know about your company?

To execute a ‘house call’ program requires a robust technology and analytics focus. It may be surprising to know that Landmark has custom-built an integrated technology platform for in-home, value-based care that blends an electronic medical records (EMR), scheduling, consumer app and virtual care. Landmark’s data science team has developed predictive analytics that integrate into the technology platform to notify providers on who they need to see, how to get there, and how they can best help the patient.

MDPortals Spotlight

MDPortals logo

MDPortals is a health-tech company that's doing for medical records what many deemed impossible—summarizing a patient's complete clinical history, and making that information easy for caregivers to access, understand, and apply.The platform retrieves and unifies patient data from all available sources, including electronic health records (EHRs), health information exchanges (HIEs), diagnostic labs, and pharmacies—and synthesizes them into a complete longitudinal health record, delivered straight to your EHR.​

How is your company advancing the home healthcare industry?

Every physician knows the frustration of trying to pull years, or even decades-worth of electronic and paper medical history information from multiple sources, to create a coordinated picture of the patient they are about to treat. MDPortals eliminates this frustration!

Providers can now receive a comprehensive and easily searchable compendium of each patient’s medical history, with all pertinent records, diagnoses, lab results, and prescriptions included. The time caregivers previously spent piecing together a patient’s medical history can now be dedicated to providing great care to the patient.

What is something people may not know about your company?

MDPortals is no stranger to the home healthcare community. In fact, among the most prominent home healthcare providers to use the MDPortals service is Landmark Health – the leading comprehensive in-home medical group, employing over 500 providers and treating more than 50,000 patients.


Pathnostics logo

Pathnostics is a diagnostic solutions company that pioneers innovative approaches for improved patient care. Leveraging its proprietary and patented technology, the company develops solutions that address diagnostic and therapeutic issues for home care medicine and their patients. Earlier this month, Pathnostics announced results from a new Institutional Review Board-approved, large-patient study revealing a 13.7 percent reduction in hospital admissions and emergency department (ED) visits from patients who were treated for urinary tract infections (UTIs) based on results from the company’s advanced Guidance® UTI test compared to those treated based on standard urine culture results. The results were published in JOJ Urology & Nephrology, an open access, peer-reviewed international journal. The study’s findings come at a time when the health care industry is focused more than ever on reducing hospital visits and admissions.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Pathnostics is advancing the Home Healthcare Industry by reducing the number of hospitalizations due to UTI’s. On April 15th, 2020 Pathnostics announced results from a new IRB approved, 60,000 patient study revealing a 13.7 percent reduction in Hospital and emergency department (ED) visits from patients who were treated for urinary tract infections. The study also revealed a savings greater than $10 million to that regions home healthcare system. These outcomes are based on results from the company’s advanced Guidance® UTI test compared to those treated based on standard urine culture. The results were published in JOJ Urology & Nephrology, an open access, peer-reviewed international journal. Please see link to our study.

What is something people may not know about your company?

With nearly 30 percent of all 4 million annual UTI cases ending up in a misdiagnoses, increasing numbers of physicians are turning to Pathnostics’ Guidance UTI test in lieu of traditional urine culture testing. What people may not know about our company is that since launching its Guidance UTI test in 2016, Pathnostics has performed nearly 200,000 patient tests on behalf of more than 750 providers.

Philips Spotlight

Philips logo

At Philips, we look beyond technology to the experiences of consumers, patients, providers and caregivers across the health continuum – from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care. We unlock insights leading to innovative solutions that enable better care at lower cost. With leading research, design and innovation capabilities, we partner with our customers to transform the delivery of healthcare.

To learn more, visit www.usa.philips.com.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Philips is a health technology company committed to discovering and developing novel solutions to help people sleep and breathe better. We target healthcare customer and consumer needs along the Health Continuum from Healthy Living, Prevention Diagnosis, Treatment, Home care, Connected Care and Health Informatics.

Philips focuses on Transformation through Connected Care by creating Post-Acute Care programs and advanced, connected support systems for the home healthcare industry to integrate and share data across the entire care team to help change patients’ lives for the better.

What is something people may not know about your company?

We strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation and aim to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025.

Philips is delivering innovation across 3 key pillars: People-centric Innovation, Connected Health, and Engagement and Empowerment.

Physician Housecalls Spotlight

Physician Housecalls logo

Physician Housecalls provides home-based primary care medicine to homebound geriatric or chronically ill patients. One of our physicians becomes the patient’s primary care doctor and works with a team of nurse practitioners and physician assistants to visit as often as needed. Whether in a private home, assisted living center, independent senior apartment or cottage, patients receive compassionate, respectful care tailored to their needs. There is no additional charge for the convenience of having a physician come to you. To learn more, visit https://www.housecallsok.com/.

PopHealthCare Spotlight

PopHealthCare logo

PopHealthCare believes that healthcare should be personal. For us, that means bringing care to those who need it most, where they will be able to achieve their health goals best – at home. We understand complex care requires creative and forward-thinking solutions and we are leading the industry with our advanced in-home primary care services delivered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Our community based physician-led clinical team includes Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, Medical Social Workers and Community Health Workers who are all supported by a Care Coordination team. They deliver in home clinical, behavioral, palliative, and psychosocial care to the most vulnerable members. We provide a level of integration and coordination of services across the continuum of care that is not available anywhere else in the market.

What is something people may not know about your company?

PopHealthCare is leading the effort to reimagine how healthcare is delivered. We currently support 26 clients in 17 states with services from our fully integrated approach to care delivery, quality enhancement and risk adjustment services.

Ramey Management Solutions Spotlight

Ramey Management Solutions logo

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Ramey Management Solutions (RMS) is advancing the home-based primary care industry in multiple ways. Owner and founder Shawna Ramey CPC, CPMA has extensive national experience establishing and improving home-based primary care practices. For new practices, RMS can assist with every step in the process, ensuring a solid and sustainable practice. For established practices looking to improve and grow, RMS offers practice assessments and comprehensive reports detailing our findings and recommendations. In addition to our overall practice work, RMS offers a full revenue cycle management service line assisting practices on all fronts of this daunting task. We also provide chart audits, documentation education, assistance with EMR selection and policy/protocol development.

What is something people may not know about your company?

Ramey Management Solutions (RMS) partners with a variety of industry experts to provide clients with comprehensive solutions to all of their practice needs. We have vetted geographic scheduling software, EMR’s, labs (including specific tests), marketing and growth leaders all with a keen eye on creating efficiency and sustainability for home base primary care practices. We promise our clients to keep everything we do US-based. We will not farm out your critically important revenue cycle work to another country. You may be able to find a lower-cost provider, but you will not find one better able to ensure the success of your practice on all fronts.


Renovis Health Spotlight

renovis health logo

Renovis Health (“Renovis”) is a Medicare Direct Contracting Entity (DCE), a new shared savings program.  Renovis  physician partners have over fifty years of experiences in delivering quality health care to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.  Renovis was granted one of the fifty-three Medicare Direct Contracting Entity licenses.  Renovis services the most chronically ill of traditional Medicare patient population with mobility issues, serve debilitating diagnoses and/or frequent hospitalization.  Renovis list of services and additional background information is listed on it’s webpage: http://www.renovishealthcorp.com.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Renovis Health (“Renovis”) goal is to give members the greatest opportunity to succeed at healthier living and self-management living in home. A primary objective of our integrated program is to Reduce Complications resulting in Reduced ER visits, Hospital Admissions and Nursing Home Admissions, utilization, and costs. Renovis accomplishes its mission through enhanced medical services, such as: • Same-Day Sick Visits • Transition of Care Visits • Same-Day Diagnostic and Lab procedures with same day results through our Enhanced Care Management Services.  Renovis provides for the assessment, identification and care planning of social determinants of health, well-being and behavioral needs. Care management services complete the circle of care. Our care management service delivery emphasizes frequent patient engagement though multiple methods of outreach including face-to-face in the home or facility; telephonic; via our web portal; secure two-way messaging; secure email; and, standard mail and fax. We perform meaningful and actionable analytics and quality reporting to providers and care management for effective decision support.

What is something people may not know about your company?

Renovis Health (“Renovis”) partners with organizations that lead the nation in: lean management, patient quality servicing, customizing medical technology, providing quality healthcare providers to manage care, 24/7 access to physician groups and clinical staff.  Renovis intensive primary care and enhanced care management service model is designed to engage patients more frequently addressing effectively their clinical, social, well-being and behavioral needs.

Smith+Nephew Spotlight

Smith+Nephew logo

Smith+Nephew is motivated by care for the lives of the people who need our wound care products and technologies. We believe that our bodies should never put a limit on what we can do, nor who we can be.

At Smith+Nephew, we believe that physical health is never just about the body. It’s our mind, feelings and ambitions. When something holds it back, it’s our whole life on hold. We’re here to change that, to use technology to take the limits off living, and help other medical professionals do the same. So that farmworkers, rugby players, grandmas and their grandkids stare down fear, see that anything’s possible, then go on stronger. Inspired by a single promise.

Two words that bring together all we do…
Life Unlimited.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Our Advanced Wound Management portfolio provides a comprehensive set of products to meet broad and complex clinical needs, to help healthcare professionals get CLOSER TO ZERO human and economic consequences of wounds.

What is something people may not know about your company?

Smith+Nephew has a history dating back 160 years to the family enterprise of Thomas James Smith who opened a small pharmacy in Hull, England in 1856.

Tridiuum Spotlight

Tridiuum logo

Tridiuum, the premier provider of digital behavioral health solutions, is accelerating improved outcomes and reduced costs by reimagining how behavioral healthcare is delivered. The company’s flagship platform, Tridiuum ONE, combines nearly 20 years of behavioral health research and clinical expertise with cutting-edge technology to power behavioral health operations and workflows in a way that advances patient outcomes. It is proven to identify behavioral conditions faster, accelerate access to care, engage patients, and deliver vital treatment progress tracking. The scalable technology also integrates seamlessly with most electronic health records and health IT software. More than 1,600 clinical facilities use the Tridiuum ONE platform, with more than 5,000 behavioral health providers using it to advance treatment for more than 10,500 patients every day.

To learn more, visit www.tridiuum.com.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

We view this as an opportunity to serve an important sector of the patient demographic that is facing a higher risk of complications of mental health issues resulting from polychronic health conditions. As Home Care Medicine becomes more mainstream and the realization of how Mental Health affects patient outcomes and total cost of care, the need for this platform becomes increasingly more essential in the home care medicine toolkit. The Tridiuum ONE assessment quickly provides a means to identify mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

What is something people may not know about your company?

Tridiuum by the numbers. In 2019 alone, Tridiuum supported more than 1.7 million visits across 564,000 patients. Tridiuum identified over 58,000 patients with moderate to high risk for suicide and over 37,000 patients who risked doing harm to others. Within the broader patient population, 58% screened positive for depression, 48% presented with anxiety, 22% used alcohol or drugs, and 20% had PTSD. This type of population health data is provided to our Healthcare partners in real time to help inform rapid, actionable insights.

Ultra-X Imaging Spotlight

Ultra X Imaging logo

Ultra X Imaging offers hospital quality portable x-ray and ultrasound services in the comfort of the home. By focusing on the coordination of imaging services throughout the care continuum, Ultra X Imaging has demonstrated the ability to enhance the patient’s experience, improving quality while reducing cost (The Triple Aim).

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Ultra X Imaging has designed an innovative IT platform by the name of UltraLynk. UltraLynk improves quality by enabling the radiologist to compare exams from the acute care setting and throughout the continuum. All of our referring physicians can easily access the images and reports through the UltraLynk portal on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

What is something people may not know about your company?

Ultra X Imaging’s parent company, The HCS Group, has been providing imaging center management services and advanced mobile imaging (MRI, CT, PET/CT) since 2005. Our leadership team has over 50 years of radiology experience.

USMM Spotlight

USMM logo

USMM – U.S. Medical Management (USMM) is a family of companies dedicated to providing high-quality, coordinated healthcare in the home. USMM is comprised of Visiting Physicians Association (VPA), The Home DME, Pinnacle Senior Care, and Grace/Comfort Hospice. USMM is owned by Centene Corporation, the largest Medicaid Managed Care Organization in the United States. USMM offers an integrated, physician-driven care model that provides enhanced access to health services and quality of life for those we serve. USMM’s innovative physician-driven care model provides patients and payers with overall lower costs, better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

VPA provides physician services for the elderly and other adults with complex health issues who have difficulty getting out to the doctor’s office. VPA offers many in-home services including primary care, short-term episodic care, palliative care, lab, mobile x-ray and ultrasound. While VPA is one of the largest house call practices in the country, the care is local. VPA care teams are based in the heart of the communities that they serve. VPA is dedicated to providing patients with high quality, personalized and confidential medical care in their home.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that in the Fifth Performance Year of the seven-year Independence at Home (IAH) Demonstration, U.S. Medical Management (USMM) and its affiliate Visiting Physicians Association (VPA) achieved significant improvements in quality of patient care, while significantly reducing overall healthcare costs for homebound elderly patients with complex, chronic conditions. Five of the 14 current practices participating in the IAH Demonstration are VPA practices, managed by USMM. Together, the VPA practices were responsible for caring for patients making up approximately 45 percent of the entire Demonstration in Year 5.

USMM/VPA has distinguished itself over the years in achieving top 10 performance in Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) savings, top quartile performance in IAH savings, and like results in quality and targeted outcomes. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, USMM/VPA are exploring ways to improve access to care in the home, including telehealth.

Village Medical at Home Spotlight

Village Medical at Home logo

Village Medical at Home is a team of experienced clinical experts including physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dieticians and more who collaboratively address patient medical, mental health and lifestyle needs in an at-home environment. Village at Home uses proprietary analytics to identify at-risk patients and personalizes coordinated care plans. Providers have access to all critical Village Medical at Home patient information through their existing EHR with VillageMD’s docOS™ system. Led by proven leaders that have driven in-home programs across 35 states and more than 500,000 in-home visits, Village Medical at Home results in improved patient and caregiver satisfaction, improved quality of life and reduced rate of mortality.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Village Medical at Home, with support from VillageMD, plans to increase its reach in home-based primary care. Village Medical at Home works on advocacy for home-bound patients, their caregiver and the providers. Village Medical at Home also collaborate on research with AAHCM, HCCI and the National Home Based Primary Care Network.

Village Medical at Home has received strong results, including patients saw a 54% decrease in ED Visits/1000 in a 6-month period during engagement. This was 23% more than the decrease in EDK seen in a similar unengaged cohort. This additional 23% decrease in EDK represented ~$14PMPM in additional savings. Additional cost savings and revenue increase are anticipated from increase in chronic condition redocumentation and improvements in quality of care.

What is something people may not know about your company?

Launched in 2013, Village Medical at Home, an offering of VillageMD, has grown to nine markets with plans for expanding the home-based primary care. The experienced team includes Gary Jacobs as President of Village Medical at Home and Dr. Thomas Cornwell as Senior Medical Director. Dr. Cornwell is an award-winning physician with more than 30 years of experience in home care and primary care. VillageMD recently announced a $1 billion partnership with Walgreens to open 500-700 Village Medical at Walgreens clinics in the next five years in 30 markets.

Vytalize Spotlight

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Vytalize Health is a new kind of Medicare ACO. We partner with primary care practices and power them through bold financial incentives and smart technology. By specializing in Medicare services, we provide an all-in-one solution that is uniquely efficient and effective. As an ACO, we're focused on value-based care. We collaborate with our practice partners to help them deliver the best medical care to their Medicare patients, while simultaneously lowering the overall cost of care. In 2018, Vytalize wrapped a successful clinical care model with an enhanced business model that allowed us and our physician partners to share in cost savings that we generated for Medicare. Today, our care delivery model transforms the healthcare experience for tens of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries across 14 states by helping them take control of their chronic conditions in collaboration with their doctors. Our multidisciplinary clinical team serves as an extension of each physician to design custom-tailored care plans for each of their Medicare patients that are proven to prevent and reduce hospitalizations and improve quality of life. For more information, please visit https://www.vytalizehealth.com/.

How is your company advancing the home healthcare industry?

Vytalize is a new kind of Medicare ACO. We partner with primary care practices, and power them through bold financial incentives and smart technology. By specializing in Medicare services, we provide an all-in-one solution that is uniquely efficient and effective.

In 2018, we wrapped our successful clinical care model with an enhanced business model that allowed us and our physician partners to share in cost savings that we generated for Medicare. Today, our care delivery model transforms the healthcare experience for tens of thousands of Medicare beneficiaries across 14 states by helping them take control of their chronic conditions in collaboration with their doctors.

Our multidisciplinary clinical team serves as an extension of each physician to design custom-tailored care plans for each of their Medicare patients that are proven to prevent & reduce hospitalizations and improve quality of life.

What is something people may not know about your company?

Many times, practices, providers and groups have had negative experiences with the changes in the healthcare environment. Something that's very unique about our approach, is Vytalize Health doesn't just back up the truck and unload a long list of confusing tasks to complete. We work closely with the practices, as our goals are aligned.

It is possible to lower costs and improve care. Vytalize will share unique data analytics, comprehensive solutions and a team approach to improve results in a value-based care environment. The financial incentives are very aligned with the goals of Medicare, as well.

Vytalize Health is expanding and looking forward to building new relationships across the country.

Learn more about Vytalize Health here.

Wanda Health Spotlight

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Wanda Health is putting the power of artificial intelligence into the hands of physicians, nurses, and patients to drive better care, increase satisfaction, and improve the bottom line. Our leading telehealth platform combines predictive analytics, advanced behavioral sciences, patient engagement and telehealth into a clinical decision support and care management platform that reduces adverse events and improves adherence. The patented AI for chronic diseases predicts 90% of pending adverse events up to seven days in advance of their occurrence providing the care team with the root cause factors driving the prediction. With this real-time AI telehealth platform, doctors can speed interventions to patients improving adherence, optimizing operational costs, and adding new revenue.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Wanda Health is advancing the home care medicine industry by improving care, creating new revenue, and optimizing workflows with an advanced telehealth system designed for the needs of home-based care providers. Patients with chronic conditions, who have comorbidities, or have special care needs can better follow the directions from their doctors from the comfort of their home. Doctors and their teams can provide more frequent and consistent care for their home-based patients keeping them from the harmful effects of non-adherence. These best practice workflows are billable and help home-based care providers capture new revenue and expand their ability to concurrently care for more patients.

What is something people may not know about your company?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wanda Health created new telehealth programs that help home-based care reach out to patients and quarantined individuals with automated symptom screening accompanied by ongoing remote care management. Wanda Health is donating the use of these programs, which can be immediately put into place. These COVID-19 Telehealth programs are showing continued success in identifying symptoms across the nation.