AAHCM Supporters
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AAHCM Supporters

AAHCM partners with allied organizations in a variety of ways to deliver on the promise of interdisciplinary, high-value health care in the home for all people in need by promoting the art, science, and practice of home care medicine.

We appreciate the support of the organizations below as we work together to improve the care and outcomes of patients in home-based primary care settings.


Home Centered Care Institute

Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI) is a leader in advancing home-based primary care in communities across the United States.

In April, 2017, the American Academy of Home Care Medicine was awarded a $250,000 grant from The Home Centered Care Institute, “The Tipping Point: Resources to Advance Home-Based Medical Care.” The resources provided by this remarkable grant to the Academy will support advocacy in two major areas: 1) Expansion of the Independence at Home (IAH) demonstration model to a nationwide program, and 2) Development of national value-based payment models for home-based medical care (HBMC). 

This exciting collaboration uniquely draws upon HCCI and AAHCM’s strengths to make HBMC the national standard of care for medically complex patients.  The generosity and vision of the Home Centered Care Institute, exemplified by these essential resources to support policy change, will allow us to achieve the critical changes needed to make HBMC providers financially sustainable at a national level.


 The John A. Hartford Foundation

The John A. Hartford Foundation has awarded the Academy a grant of $150,000 in support of the project, “Building Awareness and Engaging Payers to Bring Home-Based Primary Care into the Mainstream.”


The grant supports collaborative projects whose goal is to help move the field of home-based medicine into the mainstream of U. S. health service delivery, and to improve the care and outcomes for vulnerable older adults. AAHCM deeply appreciates this opportunity.



U.S. Medical Management

Established in 1993, U.S. Medical Management, LLC (USMM) is a family of companies dedicated to providing high quality, coordinated healthcare in the home. USMM is the management service organization to Visiting Physicians Association (VPA).USMM is owned by Centene Corporation, the largest Medicaid Managed Care Organization in the United States. USMM is an integrated delivery network dedicated exclusively to medical service in the home.


USMM’s innovative physician-driven care model provides patients and payers with overall lower costs, better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. USMM/VPA has participated in the original CMS Pioneer ACO (2012-2014), the Independence At Home Program since 2012, and CMS MSSP ACO Program since 2015. USMM/VPA has distinguished itself over the years in achieving top 10 performance in ACO savings, top quartile performance in IAH savings, and like results in quality and targeted outcomes. USMM/VPA/Centene have been ardent supporters of the Academy as original members of the President’s Council, the newly constituted Industry Relations Council (IRC), and supporters and active participants in public policy and advocacy efforts.


USMM Home Based Services


Care Model: 

  Lower hospitalizations

  Helps patients live independently longer

  Improves quality

  Promotes patient engagement

  Enhances medical outcomes

  Lowers costs for patients and payers


Our Locations


National Footprint

   100+ Office locations

   Presence in 12 states

   Local care teams based in 42 communities

   250+ Primary Care Providers

   40,000 active patients

   > 1,000,000 patient interactions annually

AAHCM Industry Relations Council

The AAHCM Industry Relations Council serves as an adjunct group made up of key industry supporters in home-based primary care who share a common goal of advancing the care of patients in that setting. IRC members provide resources, both financial and educational, to help the Academy meet its mission. Please visit the Industry Relations Council web page for more information.