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Although recent issues of Frontiers are available to members only, issues of the newsletter that are more than 4 years old are available to the public.

November 2014

Building an Effective Team in Home-Based Primary Care: What the VA has learned that may be of interest to you

The VA Healthcare System has been a leader in the incorporation of interdisciplinary teams into clinical care, and providing effective interdisciplinary care has been the common goal of every VA Home Based Primary Care team since the inception of the program in the 1970s. The creation of an effective team requires patience, professionalism, mutual respect, good communication and interpersonal skills, and a shared commitment to achieve the very highest standard of clinical care. Building a good team takes significant time and effort on the part of every member. It must take place actively and deliberately and seldom happens spontaneously.

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September 2014

A How-To Lesson from a Story of Success

Just before 7 a.m. on a grey June morning in Portland, OR, the main ballroom at the Multnomah Athletic Club began to fill with people eager to hear the story of Housecall Providers.

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July 2014

2014 Annual Meeting Dubbed "Best Ever" by Attendees! Focus on Value a Consistent Theme

The 2014 Annual Meeting titled "If Value is the Question, Home Care Medicine is the Answer" took place for the largest number of attendees ever - 306 - at the Swan-Dolphin Hotel, Orlando, Florida May 14-15.

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May 2014

NPs & PAs are a Growing Source of Housecall Services and Growing Representation in the AAHCM

An important reason for your Academy becoming the American Academy of Home Care Medicine is due to the growth of nurse practitioners and physician assistants as providers and their growing membership in the Academy. This will be celebrated at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida and we hope to see you there.

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March 2014

Audits 2014: A Brief Guide

Academy members are expressing concern over the rise in audit activity and the increasing reports scrutinizing home care medicine and related providers. The purpose of this article is to provide Academy members with the proper information in order to avoid audits, understand the process if audited, and how to effectively use the Academy and other resources to their benefit.

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January 2014

President's Message

I am honored to serve as President of the American Academy of Home Care Medicine. I want to start by thanking my incredible predecessor, Dr. Bruce Leff, who has been a remarkable leader at a critical time for the Academy. Bruce not only brought skillful leadership to the Academy, he also brought tremendous contacts he has developed through his national leadership roles. I have been blessed to be on the phone with him and Connie Row weekly for the past two years. I have learned much and can begin my Presidency at full speed ahead. I am grateful that Bruce plans to continue to be very engaged in all aspects of the Academy's work and moving our field forward.

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October 2013

ICD-9 to ICD-10: Where are You in the Transition?

This article discusses the transition to ICD-10 and ends with an outline of what you need to do now and over the next year for successful implementation.

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August 2013

Electronic Health Record Survey Results and Strategic Considerations for EHRs

Many Academy members have asked about EHR use, at least on an annual basis. To meet that need we have information from two surveys to which Academy members responded. EHR selection and implementation should also include strategic considerations for your practice in addition to the basic medical record documentation. These considerations are discussed after the summary of survey results. This article also includes information about selecting and implementing an EHR.

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June 2013

Home Care Medicine Best of Care, Best of Business, Largest and Most Successful Annual Meeting

The Academy held its largest and most successful Annual Meeting, Home Care Medicine, Best of Care, Best of Business, May 2 and 3 in Grapevine, Texas.

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April 2013

AAHCP Offers Web-Based Home Health Agency Medical Director Training with CME Credit!

Jack Henderson is a 55 year old family physician that became certified in geriatrics prior to requirements for fellowship. He maintains an office practice with several colleagues and has patients at two nursing homes. As his patients have aged, an increasing fraction of his practice is care of the elderly. He occasionally makes home visits to longstanding patients who are at the end of life. He recently gave up hospital rounds, leaving that to a group of hospitalists. He is asked to serve as a medical director for a local branch of a national skilled home care agency.

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February 2013

Practice Management a nd Revenue Certainties and Uncertainties at the End of 2012 and Beginning of 2013

We ended 2012 with certainties as well as uncertainties for house call practices. This article will highlight some of each with service and revenue implications for house call practice. Additionally, we highlight Academy programs and resources that will support your practice operations and revenue in 2013.

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