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Village Medical at Home Spotlight



Village Medical at Home is a team of experienced clinical experts including physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dieticians and more who collaboratively address patient medical, mental health and lifestyle needs in an at-home environment. Village at Home uses proprietary analytics to identify at-risk patients and personalizes coordinated care plans. Providers have access to all critical Village Medical at Home patient information through their existing EHR with VillageMD’s docOS™ system. Led by proven leaders that have driven in-home programs across 35 states and more than 500,000 in-home visits, Village Medical at Home results in improved patient and caregiver satisfaction, improved quality of life and reduced rate of mortality.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Village Medical at Home, with support from VillageMD, plans to increase its reach in home-based primary care. Village Medical at Home works on advocacy for home-bound patients, their caregiver and the providers. Village Medical at Home also collaborate on research with AAHCM, HCCI and the National Home Based Primary Care Network.

Village Medical at Home has received strong results, including patients saw a 54% decrease in ED Visits/1000 in a 6-month period during engagement. This was 23% more than the decrease in EDK seen in a similar unengaged cohort. This additional 23% decrease in EDK represented ~$14PMPM in additional savings. Additional cost savings and revenue increase are anticipated from increase in chronic condition redocumentation and improvements in quality of care.


What is something people may not know about your company?

Launched in 2013, Village Medical at Home, an offering of VillageMD, has grown to nine markets with plans for expanding the home-based primary care. The experienced team includes Gary Jacobs as President of Village Medical at Home and Dr. Thomas Cornwell as Senior Medical Director. Dr. Cornwell is an award-winning physician with more than 30 years of experience in home care and primary care. VillageMD recently announced a $1 billion partnership with Walgreens to open 500-700 Village Medical at Walgreens clinics in the next five years in 30 markets.


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