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Smith & Nephew Spotlight




Smith+Nephew is motivated by care for the lives of the people who need our wound care products and technologies. We believe that our bodies should never put a limit on what we can do, nor who we can be.
At Smith+Nephew, we believe that physical health is never just about the body. It’s our mind, feelings and ambitions. When something holds it back, it’s our whole life on hold.
We’re here to change that, to use technology to take the limits off living, and help other medical professionals do the same.
So that farmworkers, rugby players, grandmas and their grandkids stare down fear, see that anything’s possible, then go on stronger. Inspired by a single promise.
Two words that bring together all we do…
Life Unlimited.


How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Our Advanced Wound Management portfolio provides a comprehensive set of products to meet broad and complex clinical needs, to help healthcare professionals get CLOSER TO ZERO human and economic consequences of wounds.


What is something people may not know about your company?

Smith+Nephew has a history dating back 160 years to the family enterprise of Thomas James Smith who opened a small pharmacy in Hull, England in 1856.


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