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CareNational Spotlight




CareNational Healthcare Services is a talent search organization dedicated to finding the highest quality health care providers to support hiring needs for home care medicine organizations as well as for managed care, health insurance organizations, and third-party medical management.


How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Our tagline: “Better People, Better Healthcare” isn’t just a tagline. We firmly believe in each placement we make within the healthcare industry. One placement can have an impact on 100s of different lives in the community throughout the year. With us working coast to coast across the nation, the spread of lives helped by our placements is helping countless individuals get healthy and remain healthy!


What is something people may not know about your company?

We call our recruiters “search consultants” because that is exactly what they are: job search consultants. They help candidates understand the application and interview process, so the candidates have the opportunity to put their best foot forward at each step along the way. Our Search Consultants will review resumes, prep for interviews and talk them through the negotiation process with their new home. On the flip side, our account managers are also “Search Consultants” because their responsibility is to put the client first and foremost, so any market news or feedback should be shared with the client so they can make the appropriate decision based on all of the factors, not just internal factors within the organization. We believe this consultant approach has helped and will continue to help with all of our placements, now and into the future!


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