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Alegis Care Spotlight


Alegis Care, a business of CareAllies®, o­ffers a complete, in-home population health and clinical services solution with comprehensive access to care. We work with patients who need additional support, many with chronic conditions.  Alegis Care has over 20 years of experience in working side by side with patients in the comfort of their home to deliver direct patient care, comprehensive health assessment services and targeted chronic condition programs. Alegis Care collaborates with payers, providers, health systems and other groups to help manage diverse and complex populations to identify and address barriers to care, enhancing quality of life and improving outcomes.

How is your company advancing home care medicine?

Alegis Care is focused on expanding access to home care medicine.  Now more than ever, care at home is becoming significantly important.  Alegis Care is partnering with health plans and patients to expand our geographic footprint, innovate interventions in the home, and highlight the value to our partners in understanding the importance of home based care delivery.


What is something people may not know about your company?

Alegis Care has been around since 1995 and is led by physicians, offering strong programs in the entire spectrum of population health. Our services range from basic wellness visits to advanced care programs offering palliative care to our most vulnerable population. This broad offering allows us to create an unparalleled continuity of care experience throughout the health journey of our patients.


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