2019 Call for Speakers
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Call for Annual Meeting Speaker/Session Proposals

We are pleased to invite AAHCM members and others involved in the field of home care medicine to submit proposals for sessions at the 2019 AAHCM Annual Meeting which will be held in Chicago on October 18th and 19th. This is a great opportunity to participate and showcase their knowledge and expertise. Your participation will help contribute to the field of home care medicine and add to the quality of the programming at the annual meeting.

This year’s conference is titled:


Optimizing and Innovating: Shaping the Future of Home Care Medicine

The conference will convene academic leaders, policy authorities, Veterans Administration experts, researchers as well as clinical and operational experts to bring to life the new and changing opportunities in our field.  


With a focus on how to optimize and innovate home care medicine, sessions will cover emerging models, updates on key policy and advocacy related to the field, guidance on how to address the clinical needs of this complex population, and how to maximize practice operations to meet the needs of this growing population.


In addition, discussions will explore payment opportunities such as how to partner with Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare ACOs, how to improve practice viability through new fee-for-service opportunities, such as complex care management, transitional care management and advanced care planning, and how to approach value-based contracts and risk sharing


There will be opportunities to hear from policy thought leaders about future innovations in the VA and Medicare as well as perspectives from non-traditional home-based providers


Woven into these discussions will be a focus on ethics, quality and advocacy. Discussion of critical elements to enhance operational efficiency and to keep patients safe and out of the hospital will be coupled with insights on how to identify patients in need of our services and care for them across the continuum


Suggestions for incorporating social determinants of health and team based interdisciplinary care into operational design will also be highlighted.  Attendees should leave the conference better able to participate in this exciting moment in health care.


Please review the above description and only submit speaker session proposals consistent with the conference focus. 


Proposals will be evaluated on the following:

  • Presentations must be applicable to the practice of home based medical care and related to the conference themes such as:
    • Quality measurement including measurement development, operationalization of measures and improvement in outcomes
    • Ensuring patient safety in an era of change and reform
    • New clinical evidence that can drive improvements in outcomes for home-based patients
    • Leadership and advocacy strategies for creating new opportunities for home-based medical models
    • Participation in value-based payment models
    • Innovative home care models for Medicare, Medicaid, the VA and commercially insured patients
    • Operational strategies for achieving triple aim outcomes
    • Operational efficiency and revenue cycle management
    • Collaboration models with payers and non-traditional providers of home-based medical care
  • Overall quality and clarity of the proposal
  • Well-defined objectives
  • Relevance/timeliness to conference focus
  • Practical applications of material
  • Speaker’s clinical and/or programmatic experience in the area of home-based medical care
  • Speaker’s level of speaking experience
  • Speaker’s ability to engage and activate the audience
  • Speaker’s demonstration of experience/expertise in the area
  • Free from commercial bias (no marketing is allowed in sessions)


Honorarium Policy

Academy members will receive full complementary registration. Non-members presenting a standalone session will receive a $700 stipend toward registration and travel (non-members presenting as part of a panel will receive a $350 stipend). 


The 2019 Call for Speakers is currently closed.