2018 AAHCM Annual Meeting - Schedule Information
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2018 American Academy of Home Care Medicine (AAHCM) Annual Meeting

Driving the Change to Value-Based Care: 

Connecting Leadership, Quality and Ethics


Preconference Day: Thursday, October 25

Preconference Workshops presented by the Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI)

9 am - 12 pm | Clinical SessionCare of the Complex Patient in the Home….Staying Ahead of the Curve

You’ll leave this session with insights of advance care planning/prognostication; care coordination and transitions of care; caregiver support; medication management; and wound care that can be used in the care of homebound patients and their caregivers. Learn more about the Clinical Session.

Elizabeth McCormick, MD

Julie Glendenning, MS APN-BC CHPN WCC

Traci Kalpac, MSW LISW

Linnea Nagel, PA-C MPAS

1 pm - 4 pm | Practice Management SessionCare of the Complex Patient in the Home….Staying Ahead of the Curve

You’ll leave this session with tips for enhancing your revenue cycle through current fee-for-service billing opportunities, value-based contracting, and best practices for staffing models and workflow. Learn more about the Practice Management Session. 

Shawna Ramey, CPC CPMA

Bethany Skillen, BSN BS RN

Amanda Tufano, MHA CMPE CPPM


Conference Day 1 - Friday, October 26




Eric DeJonge, MD, AAHCM President

Alex Binder, MBA, and Kristofer Smith, MD, AAHCM Program Committee Co-Chairs

8:25–9:30 am | Home Care Medicine Landscape

Bruce Leff, MD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


 Movement Break

 Concurrent Sessions

Quality Standards for Home Care Medicine

Christine Seel Ritchie, MD - University of California San Francisco

Martha Twaddle, MD - Northwestern Medicine

How to Lead More Like a Leader Who Was Born To!

Barry Zweibel - LeadershipTraction

Using stories, models, and perspectives culled from nearly 20 years of professional coaching, mentoring, and leadership development training, Barry Zweibel, a nationally recognized leadership coach, will share numerous insights and ideas you can immediately incorporate into your becoming a better leader – and help those in your charge accelerate their own leadership development as well.

Friday Keynote
Healthcare Transformation and Innovation - Patrick H. Conway, MD MSc. 

To arrive at affordable, high-quality health care, we must abandon the fee-for-service model and move toward value-based care. This will require collaboration by consumers, employers, insurers, providers, and policy makers – and we need to bring greater urgency to that effort. In this session, conference attendees will learn from an internationally recognized leader in health care transformation, quality, and innovation. A practicing pediatrician, Dr. Conway is the former Deputy Administrator for Innovation and Quality and the former Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation at CMS where he oversaw quality of care, innovation, and new payment models.  In his current role as President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina he remains focused on improving clinical outcomes, while reducing costs and satisfying patients, particularly for high need patients.  Always an entertaining and thought provoking speaker, Dr. Conway will help attendees understand the move to value in both the commercial and governmental space.  With his unique background, he will share important insights into successful care delivery models for the vulnerable and the elderly and strategies for taking advantage of an evolving landscape.  

Lunch with Exhibits
Concurrent Sessions
Long overdue...New Ethical Dilemmas in Value-Based Care

Ed Ratner, MD - Minneapolis VA Medical Center

Nick Schneeman, MD

VHA Home Based Primary Care: Lessons Learned Over the Decades

Darlene Davis, MHA NHA RD - Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

Martin Gorbien, MD FACP - Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital

Habeeba Moiduddin, MD - Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital

Eleanor Taylor, RN - Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital

Concurrent Sessions
Panel on Emerging Models for Responding to Urgent and Acute Care Events

Karen Abrashkin, MD - Northwell Health

Phil Mitchell, MD - Dispatch Health

Seth Podolsky, MD MS - Cleveland Clinic Health System

Meeting the unscheduled acute needs of our complex patients is a constant challenge.  In this session, conference attendees will hear from three innovative programs that use a variety of emergency medicine personnel to respond to patients and families urgently.  Drs. Abrashkin and Podolsky will share insights from their experience building a community paramedicine program at Northwell Health and the Cleveland Clinic.  Dr. Mitchell will bring his knowledge of working in the for-profit world at Dispatch Health, a national organization bringing acute care services to the home.  They will share their lessons learned, data on outcomes and patient experience as well as strategies for partnership between home-based medical care programs and local EMS services.  

A Bigger Slice of the Pie: Panel on New Payment Models for Home Care Medicine

Susan Beane, MD - Healthfirst

Sean Cavanaugh - Aledade

Michael Le, MD - Landmark Health

Receiving adequate payment for the excellent clinical work done in the home remains one of the major barriers to scaling existing programs and getting new programs off the ground.  In this session, conference attendees will hear three different perspectives on how to realize greater payments than a traditional fee schedule.  Dr. Susan Beane, a Medical Director at a large regional Medicare Advantage (MA) plan will share her strategy for finding and partnering with high quality home care medicine programs.  Dr. Michael Le will share the Landmark strategy for partnering with MA plans and delivering financial and clinical returns.  Finally, Sean Cavanaugh of Aledade will share how smaller physician groups are organizing to receive a bigger slice of the premium and the future of these types of aggregator entities in the home care medicine space.  

3:35–3:55 pm | Movement Break

Concurrent Sessions
Bringing Technology into the Home

Carla Perissinotto, MD MHS - UCSF

Sylvan Waller, MD - Call9, Inc.

Kathleen Webster, MD MBA FAAP - Advocate Children's Hospital

Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Bruce Leff, MD - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Christine Seel Ritchie, MD - University of California San Francisco

In this session , Bruce Leff, MD and Christine Ritchie, MD will describe the benefits of becoming a rapid learning home-based medical care (HBMC) practice, the strategies for becoming a rapid learning practice, and methods to promote sustainable and continuous learning as a practice.

President's Message and Awards
Reception in Exhibit Hall with Posters on Display in Foyer


Conference Day 2 - Saturday, October 27

Registration Open
Breakfast & Special Interest Group Networking Opportunity
Saturday Keynote
Strategies for Serving High Risk and High Needs Populations in Changing Times - Cheryl Phillips, MD

There are few physicians with the breadth of experience in the care of complex, vulnerable patients as Dr. Phillips.  A geriatrician, she is currently the president and CEO of the SNP Alliance, a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve coordination and integration in a variety of special needs programs.  Dr. Phillips, is also a past president of the American Geriatrics Society and the American Medical Directors Association. Dr. Phillips is well-known as an engaging and insightful speaker, and she will bring to life practice-based solutions for high-risk populations.  Providers will learn how the nidus of a home-based medical care program can expand to meet the needs of diverse populations and will share insights on coordination of care across settings and providers.  She will highlight how federal and state policies can impact care delivery implementation for high risk patients.  

Poster & Paper Presentation

Concurrent Sessions

Getting Traction: Strategies for Growing Your Program

Steven Landers, MD MPH - VNA Health Group

Kristofer Smith, MD MPP - Northwell Health

In this interactive session, attendees will work through a comprehensive strategy for getting traction behind expanding your home care medicine program.  They will review how to position your program to get the interest of either payers or larger provider organizations in your market.  Drs. Landers and Smith have been able to grow their programs despite strong organizational and market headwinds and look forward to sharing their lessons learned with the audience.

Legislative Update Panel

Peter Boling, MD - Virginia Commonwealth University

Andrew MacPherson - Healthsperien LLC

Susan Mullaney, DNP APRN GNP-BC - GAPNA

Movement Break
Concurrent Sessions
Innovations in Home Based Primary Care Models

Alan Abrams, MD MPH - Perfect Health, Inc.

Doug Thompson, MPP - Perfect Health, Inc.

The CEO and CMO of Perfect Health will describe the innovative model they are developing in Massachusetts to take housecalls to the next level in achieving the triple aim.  The Perfect Health model involves four key pillars: a comprehensive care team, systematic integration of best practices, a robust technology and analytics platform and advanced value-based purchasing arrangements.

Reduce Readmission Risk with Transitional Care Management

Ron Billano Ordona, DNP - Senior Care Clinic House Calls

This session will highlight the role of home based care in transitional care management (TCM) for patient safety through management of readmission risk factors, including but not limited to, reduction of polypharmacy, in addressing Medicare initiative of 30-day unplanned ER/hospital readmission reduction.

 Closing Remarks (Exhibit Hall)


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