Member Spotlight

Our members are the heart of our organization and do so much every day to advance the industry and bring care to those in need. Here we highlight member stories that demonstrate the value and promise of Home Care Medicine. Do you have a member story about the power of HCM? Let us know and you or a colleague may be featured here.


November 2021

Home Care Innovation in the VA

We sat down to interview AAHCM member and Frontiers editor-in-chief June Leland, MD, MBA about her experience with the VA’s medical foster care program in Florida. Learn more about this fascinating care model, as well as Dr. Leland’s incredible path to becoming the Medical Director, Home Based Primary Care, at James A. Haley VA in Tampa.

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August 2021

Hospital at Home Success

On the Today Show, AAHCM Board Member Pippa Shulman, DO, MPH, discusses how Hospital at Home care is safe, cost-effective, and successful for acute-care patients.

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 July 2021

Vaccinating the Most Vulnerable

AAHCM member Dr. David Weber, Founder and CEO, Housecall Family Medicine, fought through red tape for weeks to gain permission to vaccinate homebound patients in the Memphis area. He shares that his reward for this work is giving peace of mind and a sense of normalcy to those patients who have been most at risk in the pandemic. 

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June 2021

The Evolving COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

AAHCM member, Steven Landers, MD, MPH, President and CEO of VNA Health Group, recently partnered with the Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare (PQHH) on a new blog post. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic shifting to a new phase and with monumental vaccination efforts underway, PQHH spoke with Dr. Landers about the changes he has seen in the pandemic and the vaccine rollout since April 2020. Dr. Landers addresses the pandemic’s impact on the home healthcare community, the critical role home health providers play during the vaccine roll out, and continuing challenges. 

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May 2021

Home Care In Action: Video Features 100+ Year-Old Patient, Importance of Home Care Medicine

What’s the secret to living for more than 100 years? “Clean living, hard work…and chocolate!” These are the secrets to longevity as personified by Gordon “Corky” Macorkindale, a 100+ year-old WWII veteran who has benefitted from home care medicine for many years. AAHCM recently released a new and powerful video, Home Care in Action: Maintaining Quality of Life for a 100-Year-Old VA Patient and His Family.

The video features Corky, his daughter, Nancy, and AAHCM member Dr. Erica Markovitz, Medical Director, HBPC, VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System. In 2016, Corky lived with his daughter and her husband where he first received home-based primary care (HBPC). Corky transitioned to an assisted living facility in 2019 where his HBPC continues. Watch the incredible account of how HBPC changes the lives of patients like Corky.


February 2021

COVID-19 Resources for AAHCM Members

AAHCM member, Steve Landers, MD, MPH, President & CEO of VNA Health Group, continues to compile the latest information to help providers of homebound patients. Check out the latest:

  1. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance for vaccinating the homebound.
  2. The CDC also has updated information about vaccine storage and handling.
  3. United States Pharmacopeia new guidance about the handling of prefilled syringes that is relevant for home care providers.