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AAHCM 2016-2021 Strategic Plan
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AAHCM 2016-2021
Strategic Plan 


Our Mission

AAHCM delivers on the promise of interdisciplinary, high value health care in the home for all people in need by promoting the art, science and practice of home care medicine.  It is the professional association that represents physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, social workers and others working in the field of home care medicine. 


Our Vision

Interdisciplinary health care at home available to all in need.

Goal 1: Advocacy - AAHCM advocates for the field of home care medicine and the health and well-being of the patients that are served

  1. Increase patient, public, professional, policy-maker and payer awareness and education of the role and value of home care medicine
  2. Promote the Medicare Independence At Home demonstration into a national program.
  3. Increase Academy’s membership across all categories
  4. Expand the Academy’s  reputation as a leader in advancing home care medicine
  5. Increase AAHCM members engagement in advocacy initiatives
  6. Develop and maintain data to support policy/ advocacy in real time
  7. Develop accurate and reliable risk adjustment and frailty models for populations that qualify for home care medicine

Goal 2: Governance - Develop governance structures and policies and procedures which will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the AAHCM Board of Directors

  1. Foster Board and staff development in achieving the strategic direction and operational efficiency of AAHCM
  2. Establish an infrastructure

Goal 3: Quality - Home care medicine providers and practices will deliver high quality, consistent, compassionate care.  

  1. Enhance care delivery and workforce preparedness through research and education.
  2. Manage the National Home Based Primary care & palliative care qualified clinical database registry.
  3. Develop a home care medicine practice accreditation process

Goal 4: Workforce - Develop a competent, compassionate work force of providers and practices to deliver home care medicine to those in need

  1. Support sustainable practice management 
  2. Position AAHCM as the definitive resource for interdisciplinary education in home-based primary care
  3. Expand the home care medicine workforce

Goal 5: Research - Perform or facilitate research that promotes the field of home care medicine

  1. Develop and operationalize prioritized home care medicine appropriate research agenda
  2. Develop and maintain data to support grant development by researchers in the field of home care medicine
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