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Our Mission

AAHCM delivers on the promise of interdisciplinary, high value health care in the home for all people in need by promoting the art, science and practice of home care medicine. It is the professional association that represents physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, social workers and others working in the field of home care medicine.

Our Vision

Interdisciplinary health care at home available to all in need.

Who we are

The American Academy of Home Care Medicine serves the needs of thousands of physicians and related professionals and agencies interested in improving care of patients in the home.

Academy Board member volunteers and members work to reduce barriers and enhance practice education. Notable successes include: fostering increased reimbursement, sponsoring multiple educational and scientific seminars, and providing the practice community with a variety of helpful publications.

Academy members include home care physicians – physicians who make house calls, care for homebound patients, act as home health agency medical directors, or who refer patients to home care agencies. Specialties include internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatry, emergency medicine, and more.

Other members are agency directors of forward-looking large and small home care organizations, medical directors of managed care plans, nurse-practitioners who make house calls, physician assistants, and administrators of medical groups interested in home care.

Members come from all across the United States. We also have some international members. The Academy welcomes student affiliates and corporate sponsor-members from a variety of fields of interest.

What we do

For every elderly person in a nursing home, there are three more people equally fragile and infirm living at home. Home health has become the fastest-growing segment of Medicare's budget.

But few physicians in this generation have been educated through medical school or continuing education to provide the kind and level of care which could be made available; few have been educated to provide home health agencies with support as medical directors; fewer still have learned the advanced team techniques that allow them to work with other health professionals-nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists and others-to provide continuity of care across the care continuum. Reimbursement also has been a barrier.

That is why the American Academy of Home Care Medicine has been serving the needs of thousands of physicians and related professionals and agencies interested in improving care of patients in the home.


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